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Brickcon-NZ 2021

4th - 6th June 2021

New Zealand's only Brick Convention, BrickCon-NZ was back for 2021 with over 120 exhibitors making it was the largest show to date

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Wellington Brick Show 2021

13th - 14th March 2021

Another great show on Wellington that included an actual designer from LEGO!

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Palmerston North Brick Show 2020

1st - 2nd August 2020

The very first proper Brick Show in the world since Covid

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Wellington Brick Show 2019

14th - 15th Sept 2019

Over 9000 visitors makes Wellington BrickShow our biggest show ever.

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BrickCon-NZ 2019

31st May - 2nd June 2019

Well-Lugs second annual Lego Convention was held in Palmerston North this year.

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Palmerston North Brick Show 2018

29th - 30th Sept 2018

With nearly 6000 visitors, the Palmerston North Brickshow this year, the show contunues to be popular with the locals.

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BrickCon-NZ 2018

1st - 3rd June 2018

New Zealand’s very first Lego Convention was our largest show ever and was a massize success for both AFOLs and Public alike.

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Hawke's Bay Brick Show 2018

14th - 15th April 2018

This was Hawke's Bay's biggest show to date... and it was a huge success

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Brickcon-NZ 2017

8th - 9th October 2017

With Brickcon-NZ hosting over 60 exhibitors coming from all around New Zealand, there was plenty to see and do.

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Palmerston North Brick Show 2017

16th - 17th September 2017

The Palmerston North Brick Show had 7000 visitors over the weekend

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Hawke's Bay Brick Show 2017

6th - 7th May 2017

The inagural Hawkes Bay Brickshow had well over 6000 visitors and has been tipped by the local newspapers and a big success for all ages

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BrickCon-NZ 2016

8th - 9th October 2016

With over 10,000 people visiting BrickCon-NZ 2016 was our biggest success yet!

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Palmerston North Brick Show 2016

21 - 21 May 2016

It started on a wet Manawatu Friday afternoon. The Barber Hall in Palmerston North was the setting for the first Brick show to come to Palmy.

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BrickCon-NZ 2015

31st October - 1st November 2015

BrickCon-NZ 2015 was Well-LUGs and Wellington's first major LEGO® showcase. This show was put on in support of Little People of NZ.

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